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Rutgers study sheds light on consumer interest in “nicotine pouches”

Consumer interest and awareness in nicotine pouches – products that contain nicotine but have no tobacco and one of the newest industry products — is growing and they are most popular among younger smokers and those trying to quit, according to a Rutgers research study.

The study, the first independent analysis assessing consumer awareness and interest in nicotine pouches among U.S. smokers, appears in the journal Tobacco Control.

“Considering the outsize impact of tobacco industry products on health, we knew it would be essential to track these little-known products and come to understand them better,” said Mary Hrywna, an assistant professor at Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences’ Center for Tobacco Studies. “With sales growing exponentially, it’s important to know who is using these products, how they are using them and what the potential may be for them to keep using them.” more of my latest science story for Rutgers Today.